Every child deserves a life of dignity, creative expression, purpose and freedom.

Education and our quest for knowledge defines us as human beings and in turn shapes the society and the environment that we live in. Children are our future and the future of Our Nation.

Akshara, our flagship program, strives to foster equity in education as a catalyst to sustainable socio-economic change. With a pan India reach, the program provides financial assistance to children from low-income communities to further their education and develop alternate life skills. With Akshara, we hope to create a society based on equity, social sensitivity and self-reliance.

No progress is possible without the complete involvement and support of the community that the child is a part of. The program follows a child centered development approach through sensitization of the society to vital challenges that our Nation faces with regard to access to education for lesser privileged. Volunteers and sponsors are encouraged to be an extension of the family of the child, closely monitor their progress and empower them to truly become capable, self reliant citizens.

Akshara Today

Akshara has galvanized educational aid for a number of children within India. We are presently supporting several talented children in their journey to realize their dreams.

Akshara in Future

It is imperative that every concerned person pools in his efforts and starts working towards addressing these upheavals. We, the supporters of Akshara, believe that we are up to coping with what the future holds for us.

Right to Education (RTE)

Achieving education for all, requires that we ensure equal learning opportunities for children and youth. Education can save and sustain lives, giving people hope for the future and is a critical requisite for socio-economic change.

In India, right to education is a fundamental right. It implies specific obligations on the state to ensure primary education to all children between the age group 6-14, without any discrimination.

In keeping with this spirit, we envision a world where all children have free access to quality education within an equitable system that respects children’s rights so that they can live a life of dignity.

For donating or volunteering for Akshara, please contact us.