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Srishti Innovative turns 6, celebrations accompanied by various acts of charity and contribution for social cause.


September 4, marked another glorious milestone in the history of Srishti Innovative as they turned 6 this fiscal. The Foundation Day was commemorated with the inauguration of 'Life Club', a Pratheksha (CSR) initiative, performed by Dr.P.K.JameelaM.D. (Pediatric), DCH, Director of Health Services, Kerala, which aims at providing financial assistance for the surgical and medicinal needs of children under the age of 10.This was followed by the official launch of "Life Drop" a GPS enabled blood donation app which provides users with the details of people with the appropriate blood groups. The launch was carried out by Dr.Vijayalakshmi KM.B.B.S, DCP, M.D (Pathology), Assistant Professor RCC,Trivandrum. Many distinguished guests especially from the medical fraternity including Dr.P.K.Jameela, Dr.Vijayalakshmi K, Dr.Lalitha Kailas MBBS, MD, DCH, Professor & HOD, SAT Trivandrum, Mr.M.Vasudevan, Senior Manager(Business Development), Technopark, Company CEO Mr. KrishnadasPisharam, Mr.Vignesh Raj Director, Executive Director Mrs. Preetha Mohan and Mr.RajagopalMahadevan General Manager Srishti Innovative, made up for the event. Srishti Innovative, a Smartphone and website designing company with multiple corporate offices in Technopark is one of the prominent providers of Smart phones app development in India. Recently felicitated with the Emerging Business Entrepreneurs award, Srishti has to its credit deployed 1000+ apps. Speaking on the occasion, Srishti's Founder Director Mr.KrishnadasPisharam esteemed the team for the significant role in delivering remarkable work on time, which solely has led to the company's growth. A total of 130 employees all dressed in company blue, black & white t-shirt added spirit to the celebration.

About Pratheksha

Pratheksha is a nonprofit charitable trust founded in 2012 that enriches lives of underprivileged children through education and mentorship. Promoted by Srishti Innovative , the Foundation began its work in Kerala and now finds support globally. We have an established network of sponsors and well wishers in India and overseas, and have been fortunate to have Kerala Cultural Society of Metropolitan, Washington as one of our patrons.