Free Quick Blood Donor Finder App: The Priceless 'Life Drop'


In a special feature today, (the foremost city portal in Kerala)lauds Life Drop, Free Quick Blood Donor Finder App calling it 'Priceless' . Developed by Srishti Innovative, Life Drop enables you to find blood donors in your neighborhood. You get instant help from blood banks , hospitals and your community when you need it the most. A product of a heart rendering experience faced by the group of socially committed 20 something techies at Srishti, Life Drop was showcased by the noted Cine Artist, Ms. Apoorva Boss at National Blood Dona.....


Mathrubhumi Daily calls "Pratheksha" the Beacon of Hope.


Mathrubhumi Daily ran a special feature today on Pratheksha, the nonprofit charitable trust founded by Srishti Innovative, calling it the beacon of hope. The Trust aims to enrich the lives of underprivileged children through education and mentorship. Pratheksha began its work in Feb, 2012 in Kerala and now finds support globally. Akshara, our flagship program, strives to foster equity in education as a catalyst to sustainable socio-economic change. Today we are proud to share that more than 30 children are being supported and educated under t.....


Mathrubhumi Daily Features 7th Foundation Day Celebrations at Srishti Innovative.


Congratulating Srishti Innovative on completing 7 glorious years of operations, Mathrubhumi ran a special feature today on the Foundation Day celebrations held on 5th September, 2014. The Company Meeting held at Travancore Hall, Park Centre in the morning was graced by Mr. M. Vasudevan, Sr. Business Development Manager and Ms. Gita, Business Development Manager, Technopark, the guests of honor, for the occasion. This year, the 3-day celebrations began on a pious note with Blood Donation Drive held in association with General Hospital at Techno.....